Everyone has the potential to achieve their artistic utopia by themselves,
but through a community we find the support and love we may need
to feel comfortable in our bodies and ideas.
Stabbing a knife in the chest of shame.
Breaking down gender and concepts
of what a body is.
If our bodies are denied by society, in a microcosm we can begin
to reinvent the reality that ignores us.
Our body is our machine,
the source of creating a new kind of existence outside of a cis hetero patriarchal system.
Captain John’s Studio aims to be a safe place
where queer artists can share their experience in a safe environment.
Shifting from our lonely queer survival mode and begin to feel loved,
find peace in ourselves, and being creative again.


This project is in collaboration with the
FadeOut Label, a genderlessclothing line which creates fashion for our non-binary future.
using upcycling and a unique perspective.