Captain John and Mara
met on the dance floor in Berghain
The story goes like this
Mara is by herself on the dance floor and sees Captain John
Or maybe Captain John sees her first
There are these moments everything falls into place
This is how it was with Mara and Captain John
Mara walked up to him and asked:

Mara: Can I share a secret?
John: Of course, darling
Mara: I want to be loved so bad it hurts
John: You are loved
Mara: I’m here by myself
John hugs, kisses her: Not anymore, you found your family

They stayed together the rest of the night into the morning
and saw each other again a few days later at a Poetry reading
Where Mara read a text she wrote
The first part goes like this:

Last night I jerked off
while spying on my neighbor
I stood in the kitchen
while I suddenly saw half of a naked body passing the window
I quickly turned off all the lights
so I could see better
My neighbor is around my age
Young, attractive
Wavy brown hair, glasses and a kind face
I like
wavy brown hair, glasses and a kind face
This is not the first time I look at him
I see his torso and penis
In a reflex I looked away
As you do when someone trips
But I directly look again
the confidence he has in his movement arouses me

Their first encounter and this text was the starting point of Captain John photographing Mara
Through exploring the beauty and strength of vulnerability
They created a new way of being
In doing so strengthening their relationship
From the first moment they met
They keep on building