About mother’s old clothes / Fashion editorial for Barraco Estudio & Galeria Mascate.

In my luggage I brought from Spain, where I lived the last six years of my life, I also brought the idea to realize a fashion essay inspired in my impressions from Gaúcho’s culture. I photographed a guy from here, an italian and german descendent like a lot of other guys around, available with his body and spirit. From what I  was proposing, resulted something very free. Inspired in the song “Guri”, a local’s culture classic, I recreated, together with the fashion designer Carolina Motta Nunes, this ragazzo’s universe, that plays around with my lenses wearing his mother’s clothes.


Model: Junior Schmitz / Stylist: Carolina Motta Nunes + Régis Duarte / Editor: Tiago Coelho

Text by Régis Duarte + Serena Salvadori