I lean against the room walls of my make-believe sand castle. I am prince charming. Yet i know I’m not dreaming because I am decked out in fine clothes and hold the future and a puff of wind in my hands. I glow and the sky starts spinning. As i say. As my sister says.

Sitting high up on an eddy i discover the wonder of looking down from above, my feet vanish as they dig deep into the covers. It  doesn’t really matter if you don’t understand why can’t do a thing. Leaving behind me the slime, ups and downs, and ties. I put on my magic cloak and vanish in a puff of smoke. As my sister says.

They talk about my petals and how they will unfold. Adding something about my future. Adult horoscopes are just a lot of hot air. If i should cross paths with a prince i will know what to do.

I only look in the mirror to satisfy my vain pride. I shall shed enough tears and smiles to fill a poll. I don’t care if others kiss my hands or discover my shoes under the sofa. Meanwhile i fill the days to come with great plans. Like adults.

Text | Sebastiano Mastroeni | ongoing project