There is always a part of me in the pictures I take.
I photograph people, lovers, simply those with whom I share a moment.
My work is about gender, identity and intimacy.
My dad was a pilot and he showed me the world from another perspective.
That’s why I live and work between Berlin, Porto Alegre, Berlin and Madrid.
I feel at home all around the world and I am in love with airplanes.
I was born in Rome in 1980.
In 2007 I became a freelance photographer, specializing in portrait, fashion, and documentary and autobiographical reportage.
I never differentiated between commercial commissions and personal projects: the passion I dedicated was the same.
I have never made any distinction, in fact, it is by mixing and enhancing these different languages that I was able to make them one.
Thanks to photography I have traveled and traveling allowed me to grow and enrich my cultural and human baggage.
I live to feel. Creating images makes me better express what I feel, what we all feel.


2007 | M.A. in Fine Art Photography at EFTI, Madrid, Spain.
2006 | B.A. in Graphic Designer at ISIA, Urbino, Italy.